Test File Generator Overview

DTM Flat File Generator is a software product for developers and QA engineers that provides a way to generate a set of test data files with regular structure in bulk manner. The third generation of the software was designed for hight performance data making and extra large data arrays population. It supports delimited (CSV, tab-delimited, custom separator) and fixed width output file formats.

Important: you should use DTM File Factory for non-tabular test file generation e.g. texts, messages, lists, log files.

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Key File Generator's Features

  • Unlimited number of data rows to be generated and target file size.
  • High performance. It can generate up to 10M rows per second at typical office system.
  • Import sample structure from text file or enter it manually.
  • About 30 built-in data generators in a five groups: general, personal, geographic, business and custom.
  • Data generation engine for advanced users who need to create complex data.
  • Value library makes data file more realistic.
  • DTM Flat File Generator is a Windows application that supports Windows XP,Vista and 7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003 and newer. x64 version of the tool is also available.

Why DTM Flat File Generator

  • Intuitive user interface based on set of predefined data generators.
  • Rich built-in value library: counties, cities, companies, names, currencies, departments, industries, etc.
  • Export structure options to text file or SQL script.
  • Data by example feature provides data item generation rule automatically.
  • Regular expressions as data generator support.
  • The user allowed to provide script (Python, Ruby, etc) for custom test data generation process.
  • ANSI or Unicode dummy files creation support.
  • Compatible with free data generator online.

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