DTM Flat File Generator Revision History

Version 3.04.08 (25-SEP-2018)
  • Variable support in the output file name implemented
  • -1 command line switch replaced to -N
  • SQL console improvements
Version 3.03
  • User interface cumulative update
  • Data generation engine major update
  • UTF-8 output mode added
  • Better console mode support: new return codes added
Version 3.02
  • Better support for numeric value locale
  • New row number formating mode
  • Import structure from sample file improved
Version 3.01
  • Pattern engine improvements: $WebFile, $WebFileGroup and $Case functions added
  • Better support Value Library for fixed width output files
  • Default connection options improved for text files support
Version 3.00
  • New multi-project user interface
  • Complete Unicode support
  • New structure management options
  • Better connection management
  • Better XLSX spreadsheets support

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