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DTM Migration Kit Overview

DTM Migration Kit is a powerful yet simple data migration tool that comes in handy if you run multiple databases. It allows database administrator or developer to import data from most popular formats, to export database, to migrate data between different data sources. Using supplemental features like schema migration you will save a hours during transformation process.

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Key features

  • Rule based user interface and Wizard based rule editor make your work visual and comfortable.
  • Multivendor environment support. For example, you can migrate your data from Microsoft SQL Server database to MySQL as well as for from PostgreSQL to Oracle database. DTM Migration Kit supports all common database interfaces: ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI or Oracle Call Interface.
  • The product is capable of importing data from plain text, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Paradox files, DBF (dBase and FoxPro) files and exports data to plain text, RTF format (compatible with Microsoft Word), HTML, XML, Excel as well as is capable of creating sets of SQL statements.
  • Command line (console) mode.
  • Powerful data and data type mapping and conversion features and options.
  • DTM Migration Kit is a true Win32 application that supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 8(desktop), Server 2003/2008/2012. x64 version of the tool is available for registered users.

Why DTM Migration Kit

  • In addition to simple import, export or migration operations, the program supports flow control rules like IF, GO TO and STOP and Clear rule.
  • The migration tool can work fully automatically after being set up only once.
  • With Windows Task Schedule system integration your migration process can be set to run on a schedule, over night etc.

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