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DTM ODBC SQL runner Overview

DTM ODBC SQL runner is a command line tool that allows the user to run SQL statements using specified ODBC data source (DSN). It is most suitable for batch and scheduled execution. Download: 32 bit and 64 bit. No installation is required.

sqlrun [optional parameters] [space-delimited file names]

-I[<configuration file name>]

  • by default the tool uses sqlrun.ini file in program directory.
  • empty arguments list means -I
  • '*' and '?' are acceptable in SQL file name
  • see configuration file format below
  • it is strongly recommended to specify -I as the first command line parameter

(add column header to output file).

(shows actual parameters loaded from configuration file or assigned by command line switches).

-D<ODBC Data Source Name>

-U<user name>


-O<standard output file name>     (the tool uses terminal output by default)

-L<log file name>     (the tool uses terminal output by default)

-S<SQL script file name>

-T<immediate SQL statement specification>

Important: command line parameter overwrites configuration file value.

Configuration File Format

DSN=<data source name>
User=<user name>

Output=<standard output file name>
Errors=<uses terminal output by default>
Delimiter=<"tab" can be specified as '\t'. No delimiter means "fixed width" output.>
OverwriteOutput=<0|1> for 'append' or 'overwrite' output file
OverwriteLog=<0|1> for 'append' or 'overwrite' log file

File=<files specification>
Statement=<immediate SQL statement specification>

See also: end user license agreement.

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Should I order business license of the tool?
Yes, if you:
  • need professional technical support
  • use more than 5 copies of the tool in your company
  • want to install the tool in bulk manner automatically
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