DTM Data Generator Revision History

Version 3.00.12 (10-MAY-2019)
  • Engine improvements: $new and $today functions optimized, $JSON call paths support, better HTTPS support
  • Random string capitalization selection
  • Rule Wizard data types recognition improvements
  • Important Value Library update
  • SQL library integration
  • By pattern method: predefined list of popular/useful generators
  • Engine: diagnostics enhanced for nested calls
  • Schema refresh options: menu item and on Rule Editor open
  • User manual major update
  • 25 new suggestions in the tips of the day
  • GUI refresh (new icons, menu items and dialog boxes design
Version 2.03
  • Global and local variables export and import
  • The schema analyzer upgrade
  • Cumulative product manual update
Version 2.02
  • 64 bit LibraryManager was released
  • Text output added for Update and Data Scramble mode
  • $old, $First and $Last functions added to the data generation engine
Version 2.01
  • Schema verification process improved and accelerated
  • "Remove schema name" migration tool implemented
  • New project migration tool: change name capitalization
  • Cumulative data generation engine and value library update
Version 2.00
  • Rows per rule limit extended to about 9 000 000 000 000 000 000 (Enterprise edition only)
  • Value Library Manager included into installation package (Enterprise edition only)
  • Data Masking Tool included into installation package (Enterprise edition only)
  • "Test data by example" feature was added to Rule Wizard
  • $IncDate and $IncTime functions support "after last" mode now
  • Web-based documents support implemented for JSON and XML fill methods

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