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Realistic data for database testing purposes

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DTM Data Generator Overview

The test data generator is a tool that makes data rows, tables, views, procedures, etc for database testing purposes: test database population, performance testing, QA testing, loading tests or usability testing. Currently, database developers and administrators often have to spend hours of dull work to create test data sets before examining database or application performance. Our software makes all this unnecessary by automatically creating database data and schema objects, if necessary.

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Key Features

  • Dozen methods to fill in the fields. Repeatable and random data generation methods.
  • The product analyzes existing database schema and resolves master-detail relationships automatically for optimal data generation rules.
  • Value Library with predefined data sets makes test data more realistic.
  • The generator can create test tables, views and procedures as well as database rows.
  • Append, Replace, Update and Scramble data generation modes.
  • High performance: generator inserts about 8550 test data rows per second (for 5,000,000 records project, SQL Server 2000, 1.7 GHz CPU), more...
  • Database independent. You can create Microsoft SQL Server test data set as well as to populate Oracle or DB2 database. The generator supports all common database interfaces: ODBC, OLE DB, OCI (Oracle Call Interface).
  • The project report (sample) helps to review a project. Sample database population report.
  • The multiplatform runtime allows to run test data generation process at most popular Unix, Linux and Mac OS systems.
  • The tool supports all modern Windows versions: 2000, XP, 2003/2008/2012 Server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(desktop).

DTM Data Generator: test data generator main window
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Why DTM Data Generator

  • Rule Wizard allows you to create your data generation project by a few clicks.
  • Intelligent schema analyzer makes your data realistic without extra project modifications.
  • Schema verification option prevents populating of the changed tables.
  • The Preview window saves your time when you edit data rules.
  • The Data Generation Script Compiler allows to create fast redistributable executables for your data generation projects.
  • The Data Generation SDK is a simple way to add test data generation features to your own application or Web site.
  • Teams can save a lot of money with runtime license.

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