Date and Time Settings
Option Default Description
Date format Depends on locale info Date value format
Date/Time separator Space Symbol that will be inserted between date and time for "datetime" values
Time format Depends on locale info Time value format
Years range 1950 to 2020 Range of the acceptable years for random dates. This range will be applied to new rules only.
Conversion function   Database system specific function that should be applied to convert string to date value

Date Format

The format string for date can contain following items:
DD - day, integer between 01 and 31
MM - month, integer between 01 and 12
MON - month, string between 'JAN' and 'DEC'
mon - month, string between 'jan' and 'dec'
YY - two-digits year, integer between 00 and 99.
YYYY - four-digits year, integer.
C - century, integer 0 to 8 value: 0 means 19xx, 1 means 20xx, etc. It is not compatible with YYYY.

Default date format depends on user's culture settings.

Time Format

The format string for time can contain following items:
HH - hour, integer between 00 and 23 (or 01 to 12).
MM - minute, integer between 00 and 59.
SS - second, integer between 00 and 59.
sss - milliseconds, integer between 000 and 999.
AM - AM or PM sign.
zz - time zone between -11:00 and +11:00.

DTM Data Generator: date and time format settings